Life’s Tough: YOU can be TOUGHER! Podcast

Hosted by Dustin Plantholt

Dustin Plantholt, CEO & Founder of Life’s Tough Media and, is an author, entrepreneur, film actor/producer, motivator, zealous life enthusiast, and host of the esteemed Life’s Tough: YOU can be TOUGHER! inspirational podcast. Dustin’s mission is to help transform the lives of as many people as possible. In his upcoming memoir, “Life’s Tough: YOU Can Be TOUGHER!,” Dustin shares his profound story of a most troubling and challenging upbringing—abandoned by both parents at an early age—and how he overcame the multitude of obstacles put before him to become a successful entrepreneur, highly sought-after motivational speaker, loving husband, adoring father and most importantly, a compassionate, empathetic and supportive human being. Dustin declares, “We are going to spark a movement and we are going to change the world, one heart at a time, freeing others from shame, guilt and anger. It’s life … life is tough … but YOU can be tougher!”

Along with Host Dustin Plantholt, guests and listeners share their real and vulnerable life stories of overcoming unique challenges and struggles to inspire and motivate each other towards personal fortitude, healing, growth and empowerment. The Life’s Tough Podcast is inspired by the life story and journey of Host Dustin PlantHolt. The Podcast is geared toward men and women ages 18 and older.

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