CAREGIVING—How do I do this as well as I can?

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There are 53 million caregivers in the United Statesprobably a lot more. If you know one or should you suddenly find yourself as one, you need to hear Dr. Onik’s conversation with Karen Warner Schueler, author of the transformative book The Sudden Caregiver: A Roadmap for Resilient Caregiving.”  This is also a conversation for medical professionals, especially in the oncology field. Her book is filled with ideas, encouragement, and resources so you can also take care of you. After all, the better the caregiver, the better the care receiver. 

After raising a family and reaching a comfortable stage of life, looking forward to their future together, Karen’s husband went to his doctor for a ‘bad back’ and came out with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Thrust into the role of caregiver, depleted and vulnerable, she found resources lacking. So, she wrote the book she wanted to read—to help caregivers write their own story. 

Learn from Karen… 

  • The Paradox of Caregiving 
  • Where to find REAL hope 
  • The Pathways to Wellbeing 
  • Who needs to work at empathy 

FIND links to organizations that provide local, national, and international caregiver support under the Resources tab on her website 

For over 40 years Dr. Gary Onik has been pioneering advances in cancer treatment that have rocked the field of oncologyinventing an entirely new branch of cancer treatment now known as “Interventional Oncology” based on his innovative minimally invasive techniques. Both doctor and patient, he created a cancer vaccine and successfully treated his own terminal prostate cancer using his invention. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Onik is an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, working closely with his colleagues to develop the next generation of cancer fighting technologies. His latest work, using immunotherapy to treat metastatic cancer, offers hope to those patients with literally no other options.  



Dr. Gary Onik



Karen Warner Schueler

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