March 12, 2019 Forgiveness 0 Comments

To Overcome Childhood Trauma, Dustin Plantholt Says You Must Engage Your Past

Life’s tough, but Dustin Plantholt is tougher.

Dustin Plantholt had a rough childhood.

Now an adult, Planholt describes early years that were defined by the drugs, violence and gangs surrounding them. By the time he was five, Dustin and his sister were taken from their father and put into the foster care system.

It was the late 1980s when Plantholt entered the foster care system, and he says that it was a system ill-equipped to handle childhood trauma.

“There was this idea that somehow children are resilient,” Plantholt told A Plus.  “That no matter what happens to them, they will get over it. It won’t break them. What we’ve learned now after decades of research is that childhood trauma is, in its own way, post-traumatic stress disorder.”

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