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Dustin Plantholt was born on August 12, 1983, in Oceanside CA, as Dustin Roper into a turbulent childhood. By age 2, he and his sister Tennille age 4, were left with their drug-addicted single father to fend for themselves. By the age of 4, Dustin’s drug-addicted biological father, beat a man to death with his bare hands in front of Dustin and his older sister.

Dustin and his sister were ultimately put into the California foster system in 1986, then again in 1987 into 1988, following their fathers arrest for numerous crimes. In Dec 1988, When Dustin was 5 1/2 years old, he and his sister Tennille aged 8, were eventually pulled out of the foster system, and sent to live in Maryland, where he & his sister reunited with their mother, now a Pastors Wife.

In 2014, the untimely death of his sister from a drug overdose caused Dustin to question his own life’s purpose, his families story and began to focus on using his personal experiences to better the world.

Once a model of a top New York / Miami Agency, Dustin now runs several successful businesses and sits on several boards, including The March of Dimes and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.

In May of 2018, Dustin founded Life’s Tough a company that focuses on getting people to tell their story no matter how difficult. He and his co-founders believe that in order to overcome the obstacles that are put before you need to speak your truth and embrace your past.

LifesTough.com is the central hub for a person to tell their story, train themselves and others with online videos, blogs and webinars for encouragement and methods on how to be tougher.

Dustin’s story has touched the lives of everyone that hears it. He uses his upcoming book, Life’s Tough You Can Be Tougher, to tell his story of overcoming life’s battles to a widespread audience.

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