Anne Mank, this Wealth Advisor is changing the money conversation for women

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She had “everything.” She was happily married, had a lovely home, beautiful children, successful career… yet she was unfulfilled. She did all the things a person “should” do. But it wasn’t until she learned to appreciate Breakdown and Breakthrough that she could realize her vision. Join us on the Tougher Together Breakthrough podcast as host Rebeccah Silence and her guest, Anne Mank, talk about Anne’s Breakthrough!

Anne couldn’t quite put her finger on the missing piece but knew that she wasn’t happy, despite her success in business and life. A business coach asked her, “What do you really want to do?” She responded, saying she wanted to run a 5k race. She was so wrapped up in doing what other people wanted her to do that she felt the world would fall apart if she took time for herself.

One of the first things she had to do was make her own rules instead of relying on and adhering to rules made by outside sources. Once she started making leaps towards her own happiness, she found it easier and even more meaningful with each successive change.
She compares her transformation from CPA/Rule Follower to Wealth Advisor/Disruptor as nothing less than caterpillar to butterfly. During the podcast interview with Rebeccah, Anne shares her three-step formula to making real change and moving towards your joy. She’s passionate about disrupting the money conversation for women, so we can talk about money and investing instead of shying away from financial topics.

This behavior and these decisions did not come naturally and actually involved quite a bit of fear, resistance, and hesitation. Learn how she overcame these roadblocks to happiness and built the life she wanted. Beyond vision, you have to put in the work to make the changes for yourself.

If you would like to learn more about Anne Mank, go to her website. We’re always Tougher Together! Please tune in to other episodes of our Breakthrough podcast and explore the human connection between us. 

Rebeccah Silence, is a speaker, coach and international media personality, who survived cancer while pregnant and has impacted hundreds of thousands of listeners through her radio programs and appearances. She is the Creator of the HEALING IS POSSIBLE movement and courses and is committed to helping others heal their traumas. As a certified world-class Emotional Healing Coach, Rebeccah is uniquely qualified to facilitate breakthroughs to wellness and transformation while she inspires hope and possibility in even the most challenging times. She is best known for healing heartbreak, and her clients frequently tell her that she brought them “back to life”!

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