Annie Evans says, Breakthrough is often about pivoting and reinventing yourself

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She might still be living alone in the woods if she hadn’t found support. That’s what podcast guest Annie Evans says, and host Rebeccah Silence agrees. In their discussion about the concepts of Breakdown and Breakthrough, Annie describes the feeling of being sad, stuck, and alone. She remembers a time when good days felt like an anomaly.

After doing the work she did with Rebeccah, she reinvented herself and reclaimed life on her own terms. She admits it was scary and took a long time. But, at the same time, the more she did to move forward to Breakthrough, the more she was happy. That would spur her on!

Even though Annie’s marriage was on the rocks, she knew she could not rush to dissolving it. It was important to her to have a trauma-free divorce, and she knew she had to do things on her own timeline. She kept moving forward, listening to herself and having faith in the outcome.

She’s learned that it’s about changing and pivoting when you realize you’re not living the life you want. Setting solid boundaries is important… If it’s not a Hell Yeah!, it’s a NO. It has to be a WIN/WIN for both parties. It comes down to listening to your inner voice and doing the work. Because she avoided listening to herself, she felt like she remained in Breakdown for years… sad and hopeless.

Since she’s learned to welcome the Breakdown and developed the ability to work through them quickly, she’s also living her best life. Happy in love, running her business, and living on the farm. Her advice for those listening… DO NOT SETTLE!

If you’d like to learn more about Annie Evans, visit her website. We’re always Tougher Together! Please tune in to other episodes of our podcast and explore the human connection between us.

Rebeccah Silence, is a speaker, coach and international media personality, who survived cancer while pregnant and has impacted hundreds of thousands of listeners through her radio programs and appearances. She is the Creator of the HEALING IS POSSIBLE movement and courses and is committed to helping others heal their traumas. As a certified world-class Emotional Healing Coach, Rebeccah is uniquely qualified to facilitate breakthroughs to wellness and transformation while she inspires hope and possibility in even the most challenging times. She is best known for healing heartbreak, and her clients frequently tell her that she brought them “back to life”!

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